Qumar Series Home Page

Mrs Baracus goes to visit her son and comes back carrying something dynamite.

Rating: G

Words: 2,454

The team is captured while on one of Stockwell’s missions in a hostile state and sent to a desert prison. As Stockwell abandons them to their fate help must come from old allies and new ones.

Rating: PG13

Words: 24,400

The A-Team become the targets of a vengeful enemy and end up fighting for their lives. They find allies in both likely and unlikely places.

Rating: PG13

Words: 30,200

Crossover story with the A Man to Watch Spin Off series. It used to be part of this series, until I realised it fitted better over there.
An attempted coup begins, while the A-Team is back in Qumar. The team’s help becomes crucial to Madari’s fight to save the king and defeat the conspiracy.

Rating: PG13

Words: 42,000

Hannibal gets a job offer that leads him into morally dangerous territory. Face learns about leadership and what it means to be in command when things go badly wrong.

Rating: PG13

Words: 26,700

An old friend brings the team a new case that takes them to central Africa and into extreme danger.

Rating: PG13

Words: 44,000

A decision to spare one life and a decision to take another are about to have terrible consequences for the team.

Warnings: Torture, violence, non-con.

Rated: R

Words: 83,500

Summary: Face and Murdock head into the jungle to rescue someone who doesn’t want to be rescued and end up facing a difficult choice.

Rated: R

Words: 39,000