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Introduction: Who is this Madari guy anyway?

Back in 2004 I wrote an A-Team Fan Fic called Settlement. That was my first long story, eventually clocking in at 24,400 words. It included a character named Madari, whose life the team knocked sideways – in a good way. A few months later I wrote a sequel, Vendetta, which included Madari again and also a more prominent role for a character who had a small speaking part in Settlement, Jahni. And suddenly these two men took up residence in my head. Settlement and Vendetta became the first two stories of a series and Madari and Jahni have guest starred in a number of those stories as they became trusted friends and allies of the A-Team.

But that wasn’t enough for these guys! They started to fill my head with lots of complex back-story and events happening between the series stories they featured in. So back in mid 2006 I decided the only way to make these characters give me some head space was to write their story. A kind of fan fiction of my own fan fiction! Or if that gives you a headache think of it as a spin off. Look out for special guest stars in some parts. The series is now complete.

Rated: R overall.

Warnings: Violence, torture, sexual situations, including non-con (not explicit), m/m

Check out the A Man to Watch timeline to see when the stories take place and how they fit with the A-Team Qumar series.


Madari is arrested and finds himself at the mercy of the KGB.

Words: 5,632

Madari is sent to prison and struggles to recover his shattered mind.

Words: 9,072

A new arrival at the prison brings new hope to Madari.

Words: 10,695

The arrival of the A-Team transforms the lives of every man at the prison.

Words: 19,787 (including inserted scenes from Settlement.)

The first month at the prison camp that has become Madari’s base.

Words: 12,995

Jahni receives news that will change him forever.

Words: 8,113

Madari faces losing the camp and must juggle friends, allies and enemies.

Words: 16,600

When Jahni’s life is in danger Madari must make a choice between honour and love.

Words: 14,400

An ordinary day in Madari’s life at the camp.

Words: 8,500

The final battle of the guerrilla campaign approaches.

Words: 16,000

The guerrilla campaign is over and Madari and Jahni have choices to make about their future.

Words: 14,000

Madari continues to make the adjustment to peace. Jahni transfers into the Royal Guard and Madari’s control is tested again.

Words: 14,700

After a close call, Jahni makes a revelation that shocks Madari.

Words: 10,300

Madari must investigate the murders of his friends. He has help from an unexpected ally.

Words: 11,500

Madari establishes his Special Forces unit, and he and Jahni spend time training in Britain.

Words: 9,100

With Jahni away training Madari looks for ways to distract him from his loneliness.

Words: 15,000

Jahni returns from training in England. Faraj is drawn deeper into the conspiracy.

Words: 15,000

The attempted coup begins, while the A-Team is back in Qumar. The team’s help becomes crucial to Madari’s fight to save the king and defeat the conspiracy.

(Note: This story was originally part of The Qumar Series of A-Team stories. But I’ve finally realised it really belongs here. Let's call it a crossover.)

Words: 42,000

The aftermath of the events of Shifting Sands. Madari learns what drove Faraj to turn traitor.

Words: 7,738

When a mission goes wrong Madari discovers that there’s more than one way to lose someone you love.

Words: 12,260

Jahni learns that some things he thought were secret aren’t any more.

Words: 5,788

An old enemy reappears and Madari finds he needs the help of his friends to deal with him.

Words: 9,430

Madari and Hannibal take a vacation in Yellowstone National Park.

Words: 13,500

Madari’s unit deals with a hostage crisis.

Words: 15,800

Events far away change the lives of Madari and Jahni – and Sophia.

Words 14,388

Madari begins his UN mission in Zaire, while Jahni commands the Special Forces unit at home. Later parts intersect with the A-Team story A Choice of Nightmares.

Words: 30,000

Nearing the end of his time in Zaire, Madari deals with the imminent separation from those he’s come to care for. Meanwhile HM Murdock visits Jahni, with a surprising request.

Words: 15,000

Madari returns to Qumar.

Words: 25,000

An old friend visits Madari with information and an old problem is resolved for Jahni.

Words: 11,300

An assasination attempt leads to major changes in Madari’s life.

Words: 13,500

Jahni helps the A-Team test their new training facility.

Words: 3,937

The enemy changes tactics.

Words: 17,200

As Jahni becomes more stressed Madari must figure out a way to help him.

Words: 11,500

When Madari faces losing a friend he comes up with a drastic solution.

Words: 12,000

Jahni recovers from his breakdown and considers his future, until fate intervenes.

Words: 12,500

Madari pays a terrible price for defying the enemy.

Words: 14,000

Madari and Jahni deal with the aftermath of Saifullah’s revenge on Madari.

Words: 18,500

Madari and Jahni find themselves in the hands of the enemy and then an unexpected ally.

Words: 18,500

Zahir’s return brings big changes to Qumari society and the lives of Madari and Jahni.

Words: 10,700

Saifullah’s coup attempt forces Jahni to make a final choice between his duty and Madari.

Words: 10,800

Forced into exile in America Madari and Jahni must come to terms with a new life.

Words: 12,000

Madari and Jahni claim the happiness they waited so long for, but worry about the effect it will have on their friendships with others.

Words: 13,000

Madari and Jahni face difficult choices between their duty and the life they’ve built in America when a friend needs their help. The final part of the series.

Words: 21,500

Love is a better teacher than duty.


Love can do much, but duty more.