Standalone Stories Index

A Sergeant’s Choice

BA is forced to make a choice that could destroy the A-Team.

Rated: PG

Words: 10,100

Cabin Fever

When a journey home from a mission is diverted the A-Team are forced into the company of someone they really wouldn’t choose to spend a lot of time with.

Rated: PG13

Words: 65,000


The team is hired by a hotel owner being harassed by a family of bullies. But the more they investigate the more it appears that there are much more sinister things happening in the town.

Rating: PG13

Words: 26,900

The Last Mile

When Stockwell falls the team think freedom is finally in sight. But last minute complications threaten to dash their hopes.

Rated: PG13

Words: 31,000

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

An English nurse the A-Team knew in Vietnam needs their help. The team head to London to try their luck with British weather, British beer, British food, and some very British bad guys.

Rating: PG13

Words: 26,700

Party Hard

It’s Hannibal’s 65th Birthday and the team are planning to throw him a party. Imagine the craziest party you ever attended. Now imagine it being thrown by The A-Team.

A parody that includes original characters from the Qumar series and the one-off story Freaks. But not “canon” for the series or the story. Just silly fun.

Rated: PG13

Words: 9,900

Radio Coyote

When the owners of a radio station hire the A-Team to save them from a hostile takeover, Face finds himself deep undercover and working to gain the trust of the enemy.

Rated: PG13

Words: 49,000


When Face is taken hostage, the rest of the team set out to the rescue. But Face already sees a way to escape. A way that proves more complicated than he expected.

Rated: R

Words: 33,160

Trackless Journeys

Newly escaped from Fort Bragg, the team vanishes into the wilderness to wait for their trail to go cold. Murdock lies out of reach in the VA, his mind devastated by war. Can the team formed in conflict hold together in peacetime? On this hard and dangerous journey Hannibal must learn to lead his men without the authority of the army behind him. Murdock struggles on his own journey to escape the wilderness inside him.

Rated: PG13

Words: 69,000

The Uncertainty Principle

The A-Team head out Jupiter way to protect miners being harassed into selling their claims. That part’s easy. The tricky part is figuring out who they can trust. Yes, that does say ‘Jupiter.’ It's the A-Team, Jim, but not as we know it.

A-Team in space AU. Because everything's better in space.

Rated: PG13

Words: 52,000

Unjust Deserts

Face is in trouble. Trouble bad enough to destroy the team. Whatever they do now, the team will never be the same again.

Rated: R

Words: 41,500