Kahil's Photo Album

A little bit of silliness that inspired Kahil’s trip to Australia in A Man to Watch Part 33: Walkabout

So I had some leave and had an invite to visit Karen in Australia. We had a nice day hanging out by (and in) a river.

This is my “moody” face. Karen said she couldn’t tell the difference. Saucy wench.

Karen and me discuss the various meanings of the word “beard”.

I had a strange vision of the future. I thought I had become a man who could dodge bullets and knew Kung Fu.

It was only after I woke up that I realised Karen had stolen my sunglasses.

Splish-splash I was taking a bath…

I receive news that my former fellow guerrilla fighter Sayeed Raslan has suffered some horrible misfortune

I found a rock. It’s a good rock.

I claim this rock for the Kingdom of Qumar.

Man, why did I get this weird tattoo?

And here I am, hanging out with a pretty girl, as we staunchly heterosexual fellows are wont to do.